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selected examples from the realms of the real and fantastical.

alcoholics synonymous

So what we get drunk? So what we smoke weed? We’re just having fun / We don’t care who sees / So what we go out? That’s how it’s supposed to be / Living young and wild and free.                – … Continue reading

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This isn’t really going to be about chickens. Let me just say that right now. What it is going to be about is an artist that I am researching for a seminar class this semester, Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800). One of … Continue reading

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河童の川流れ。– “a drowned kappa” (or, “even experts make mistakes.”) Within the pantheon of Japanese monsters, one of my particular favourites has to be the kappa. Most likely invented in order to scare children away from watery areas, kappa are said … Continue reading

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